Online Bingo Sites in Russian Federation October 2023

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Displaying online Bingo sites that accept players from Russian Federation. Чтобы изменить страну, перейдите к Выбор страны или посмотреть все сайты в нашей базе посещений Online Bingo Directory.

Bingo in Russia

Bingo has proved a popular game in Russia in the past two decades. Unlike most forms of gambling, bingo is not restricted to the four gambling zones, instead there are bingo selling points in 130 cities across the country. The most popular bingo game, as of April 2017 is to be found on the satellite TV channel Bingo TV, a site run by the same Bingo-Boom website. Individuals are also encouraged to open their own Bingo-Boom clubs across the country

Online Bingo in Russia

As bingo has resisted the blocking of the rest of the gambling industry, the popular Bingo-Boom website is the only online spot where Russian bingo fans can enjoy their favorite game. Most bingo players either play on Bingo TV or on the linked website Bingo-Boom.